CVProfilor® MD-3000 

The CVProfilor® MD-3000 is designed for physicians outside of the United States.

The CVProfilor® MD-3000 functions similarly to the U.S. CVProfilor® DO-2020.

The CVProfilor® MD-3000 model is not cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for marketing in the United States (please refer to the CVProfilor® DO-2020 for sale in the United States).

The CVProfilor MD-3000 provides a sensitive and specific guide to the presence of blood vessel disease. The ability to detect reduced arterial elasticity is a significant medical advance. The MD-3000 provides physicians with a simple non-invasive technique for:

Screening patients with risk factors for the early detection of atherosclerotic disease.

Clinically evaluating the efficacy of prescribed lifestyle modifications and/or medications.

Monitoring the treatment of patients with hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Identifying patients with abnormal arterial-wall function indicative of endothelial dysfunction, and targeting those patients in need of aggressive medical intervention.