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Initial screening for vascular disease usually involves the use of an upper-arm blood pressure cuff device, which has been employed since the 1890's. This method can provide some information, yet it is limited in terms of assessing blood vessel health.

Cardiovascular specialists and physicians spend considerable effort on evaluating heart function, including electrocardiograms (ECGs), echocardiograms and stress tests, but they are limited in their ability to assess the functional and structural abnormality of the arteries prior to the late phase of arterial obstruction. Beyond the limitations of the data provided, cost and time are often critical factors in consideration of these tests.

As a physician using the CVProfilor® System, you now have a powerful new tool and advanced technology providing you with cardiovascular parameters specific to the health of arteries. In minutes, an easy-to-understand report is generated and precise data is available for identifying patients at risk for cardiovascular disease.

This non-invasive system is capable of measuring both large and small artery compliance. The CVProfilor® System's sensitivity to early arterial changes provides highly detailed data for assessing whether patients have potential underlying vascular disease, as well as developing an outline of patient-specific risk factors.

The CVProfilor® System was developed specifically for use in physicians' offices and clinics in the U.S. and can easily and successfully become an important tool in your current patient evaluation process.

Today, over 650 CVProfilor® systems have been sold in over 30 countries worldwide.