FAQ Physicians 

What does this device do?

The CVProfilor™ non-invasively measures the elasticity of large and small arteries, providing early assessment of cardiovascular disease.

How can it help my practice?

The CVProfilor™ can help you identify cardiovascular disease, identify the severity of the disease, direct additional diagnostic testing, help prescribe individualized therapy, and assess the effectiveness of therapy.

For borderline cases involving high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the CVProfilor™ can help you assess whether a patient has cardiovascular disease or not.

What types of patients need the test?

Male or females between the ages of 15 to 65 that have at least one risk factor of cardiovascular disease:  family history of CV disease, family history of obesity, family history of diabetes, smokers, family history of elevated cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, and a family history of high blood pressure.

What is the impact on my patients?

The method is fast, easy, and non-invasive. Your patients’ comfort and ease during the test is assured.

Most patients are very interested in knowing the elasticity of their arteries and the severity of cardiovascular disease (if they have it).

What is the history of the company and device?

Go to our website on this page to learn more about the history of Hypertension Diagnostics:   HD History


What scientific studies back up your claims?

Numerous scientific studies (over 300) suggest that “premature stiffening” of patients arteries is a clinically sensitive marker for the early onset of cardiovascular disease.

A bibliography of over 300 supporting studies can be found here: Research Clinical Studies

Why should I buy?

If you are primary physician with a large portion of your practice with patients who have at least one risk factor of cardiovascular disease, or if you are a cardiologist, the CVProfilor™ can enhance your practice in many ways.

You can assess cardiovascular disease more accurately and earlier. You can enhance your patient’s lives by being more informative about their cardiovascular system. You can more readily prescribe individualized therapies with relevant information.

Also, by providing a new diagnostic test, you can differentiate yourself from other practices.

What is the cost of the device?

Please contact your distributor for information regarding pricing and sales options for your practice.

To find out who is your nearest distributor, please contact us here: Contact Us