How Does This Work 

How does CardioVascular Profiling Work?

The CVProfilor® uses HD’s patented blood pressure waveform technology. The System is non-invasive, user-friendly, designed for use in U.S. physician offices and clinics, and causes no medical risk to the patient.

The System’s display screen and printer-generated CVProfile™ Report provide an independent assessment of the arterial elasticity in both large and small arteries.

The test is simple and comfortable. While you recline for a few moments a physician or his/her assistant enters the necessary background information into the CVProfilor® System. At that time, a small wrist sensor (shown above) is applied and fastened, and a measurement is taken. This takes a few minutes, and then results are printed or displayed for the physician to review.

More About the CVProfilor® and Cardiovascular Disease

The CVProfilor® provides a patient’s arterial elasticity indices, which can be used in the assessment of underlying vascular disease.

Studies have shown that patients with hypertension, heart failure, coronary artery disease and diabetes exhibit a loss of arterial elasticity. Even a slight reduction in arterial elasticity can be measured by the CVProfilor® System. These decreased arterial elasticity values precede the overt signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease, and if these values are detected in the early stages of cardiovascular disease, they can be improved by lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise or by pharmaceutical intervention.

It is generally recognized by medical experts that healthy arteries are elastic and flexible, and that hardening or stiffening of arteries is associated with older age, poor health and cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. The American Heart Association estimates that nearly 77 million American adults have high blood pressure and that 34% of all deaths in the United States (as of 2009) can attribute cardiovascular disease as the underlying cause of death. Cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of more than one and a half million heart attacks and strokes annually. Every 24 hours, nearly 2,300 Americans die of disease involving the cardiovascular system – an average of one death every 38 seconds!