HD, headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota, was founded in July 1988 to develop a proprietary blood pressure waveform analysis methodology as a non-invasive means for measuring the elasticity of large and small arteries. The company’s first product for researchers was launched in December 1998. HD’s first commercial product was launched in March 2001.

HD was purchased by CVC-HD, LLC in August 2011. CVC-HD, LLC is a leading cardiovascular prevention diagnostics company located in Minnesota.

HD has developed proprietary blood pressure waveform analysis technology which has been incorporated into the design of several products:

These non-invasive Systems are capable of measuring several hemodynamic parameters including arterial compliance (that is, the elasticity of an individual's arteries). Such measurements are useful to clinical researchers studying cardiovascular interventions in industry (for example, pharmaceutical manufacturers) and in academic and medical centers.

The CVProfilor® Systems have a clinical application due to their sensitivity to early arterial changes which can determine if patients have potential underlying vascular disease that might require more specific diagnostic evaluation by physicians or other health care professionals.

The CVProfilor® DO-2020 System, intended for use by U.S. physicians to assess patients for vascular disease, is a medical device cleared for marketing by the FDA.

Today, over 650 CVProfilor® systems have been sold in over 30 countries worldwide.